Jim AI Studios is proud to present our newest product: Player vs Player Betting Games

A world post the jim bots

We launched our first Generative AI bot i.e RoastHimJim in May,2023. After the viral growth of RHJ, we went on to launch PraiseHimJim and FrameHimJim. We amassed a total following of over 500,000 followers and a combined impression rate of 500 million per month, before the pages went silent on Twitter.

The Road Ahead for Jim

The change is upon us. We start with the launch of Jim Bets, our very own crypto betting telegram bot with our first of many in-house games. We start with our version of Rock, Paper & Scissors of as we like to call it, the "4 Finger Battle".

Welcome to Jim Bets

Jim Bets introduces a Telegram bot offering two options for channel admins: earn 1% of ETH wagers or enable token buybacks and burns. It also supports optional bounties, like "play 15 games and burn tokens," enhancing channel engagement. Plus, there's the exclusive "Jim Bets Mega Millions" lottery for $JIM holders, encouraging token retention with significant prizes.

The expansion of Jim Bets

Jim Bets is leveling up the gaming experience on multiple fronts. We're enhancing our games with AI elements, ensuring an engaging user interaction. Additionally, we're launching innovative PvP Jim-themed games on Telegram, including co-op and sports betting. Our plans also include the introduction of a comprehensive gaming website offering both PvP and PvH games. To reach a wider audience, we're deploying AI bots on platforms like X and Instagram, aiming to gain followers and effectively promote our games and platform. Get ready for a dynamic and exciting gaming journey with Jim Bets.

What the future holds

Jim Bets is on an exciting journey, actively seeking a casino license to expand our gaming platform. We're launching a full suite of casino games, including classics like Blackjack, Plinko, Roulette, and Poker. Using Telegram-based PVP games, we'll lay the groundwork for our casino. Revenue will be split between buyback/burn strategies and revenue sharing. Each game played burns 4,200 $JIM tokens, and a portion of revenue supports buyback/burn initiatives such as burning 1.9% of the 6.9% rake collected. Plus, we're introducing enticing bounties in our community group, like burning x million $JIM tokens after every 100 games, enhancing engagement and token value. Stay tuned for Jim Bets' exciting development phase.

Jim Bets

There's a wide variety
of PVP games to be played

Jim Bets takes you back to the good ol' days when you could challenge friends to a quick wager, only difference now is you can do it right from Telegram!

How can I play on jim bets?

Playing a PvP game via Jim Bets with friends or even other players online is really simple!
All you need is to visit our Telegram Channel - Jim Bets Bot!
Select the game you want to play, enter the betting amount and choose if you would like to invite someone specific to play using their username or would you like for us to pick an opponent for you, at random!
Open Bot -> Deposit $eth -> Play!

How do I place bets with money?

To play the game, all you need to do is deposit $eth into your in-game Jim Wallet address.
As soon as the $eth hits, your in-game wallet will get credited with the same. From their on, you can make whatever bets you like with people for any bet sizes!

Is it safe to bet with other players, what if they cheat?

The Jim Bets is very particular about Fair Play, hence we will only be choosing games which cannot be tricked at all.

For eg. in Rock, Paper & Scissors, there is no intervention from our side and the choices depend totally on each player, with both sides having an equal chance of being victorious.

Our PvP games will all be on the same model.

Can I bet only with $eth?

To start with, and for the ease of gaming we have chosen to run it on the most popular blockchain ethereum.
The purpose is not just security, but also playing with ether helps reduce the pressure on $jim token right in the beginning, which will be introduced into betting and withdrawals shortly!


our team of experts for curating the fun

Mister Ch0c

Founder & Head Dev


Co-Founder & Head Ops


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Graphics Lead


Community Lead


Community Lead


Community Lead


Jim Bets will buyback $jim on the market and burn from Circulating supply!